Customers can now reduce their single-use plastic waste, while supporting a dairy that practices environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods, thanks to our new milk station at The Apple Tree Farm Shop. Dispensing semi-skimmed milk from Trewithen Dairy in Cornwall, a business which cares as much about looking after their patch of England as we do here at The Gardens Group, the milk station is an exciting new option for buying milk in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Each reusable screw-cap glass bottle holds up to 1 litre of milk, which comes from cows that spend at least 120 days grazing outside on Cornish pastures. Once purchased full of milk for £2.99, each refill thereafter will be £1 per litre. Customers are also encouraged to bring in their own reusable receptacles into the store and fill up for £1 per litre at the milk station.